Which Rottweilers are the Biggest – Largest in the world?

What is the world’s largest Rottweiler’s size?

  • We’ll examine the maximum size that this breed can reach and discover a few facts about Rotties.
  • The Rottweiler gets its body type from its early forebears, which is robust and well muscled.
  • Males are larger and heavier than females; the largest can weigh over 130 pounds and have a shoulder height of up to 27 inches.
  • The Rottie is a true dog that is robust and loyal to its owner.  It works well in the military, police, and customs and makes a good guard dog.
  • It also makes an excellent companion and family dog that enjoys playing with kids and guarding its owner.
  • By training him, you can give your Rottweiler the kind of leadership he can respect and trust without having to use physical or verbal violence.

Although not everyone enjoys rottweilers, the people who have raised this breed can attest to their loyalty.  Unfortunately for individuals who desire to keep this breed, some cities have a ban on it.

Check out how big this dog can get.

What Are The Biggest/Largest Rottweilers In The World?

Since the breed is well-known, most pet owners have this query.  Depending on how one defines the Rottweiler breed, there are various answers to this topic.

There are many different breeds of dogs, which is something we should all be aware of.  The Rottweiler was developed by the utilization of several dog breeds.  Rotties are raised for a variety of uses, such as guard dogs, show dogs, training dogs, and even as amiable house pets.

American Rottweilers show dogs can be genetically modified to grow larger than their domestic pets. They are developed specifically for shows.

The World’s Largest Breed of Rottweilers.

The biggest Rottweiler breed is the Roman Rottweiler.

Roman Rottweiler
Roman Rottweiler

This breed is characterized by a dominant physical presence and a big or giant height. Roman Rottweilers have the potential to become enormously large dogs.

One of the largest dog breeds now in existence is the Roman Rottweiler.  The Roman Rottweiler male can grow as tall as 30 inches, with the average height being 23 inches.  Roman Rottweilers that are female do not get as big as those that are male.

They range in height from 24 inches at the smallest to 29 inches at the largest.

How Much Do Roman Rottweilers Weigh?

Roman Rottweilers can weigh up to 95 pounds on average, but typically females are lighter than males.

Roman Rottweilers typically weigh between 85 and 115 pounds for females and between 95 and 130 pounds for males.

What Does A Roman Rottweiler Look Like? OR How A Roman Rottweiler Appearance?

Black and tan or black and mahogany are the coat colors of Roman Rottweilers. Depending on how they’re posed, they can appear aggressive and strong. Their top and lower jaws are located on a large, muscular skull.

They have almond-shaped, evenly spaced, deep dark brown eyes.  Their scissor-bite teeth are set in large lower and upper jaws. They have long, triangular ears that point downward and are broad, curving, and extend to the middle of the skull.

They have thick, slightly arched necks that appear enormous when attached to a chain or leash.  They have a balanced stance thanks to their handsome yet sturdy physique, straight forearm, and muscular hind legs.

How Long Does This Breed Live?

The typical lifespan of a Roman Rottweiler is 10 to 12 years. The average lifespan of a female is 14 years, which is longer than that of a male.

The longevity of these giant-sized Rottweilers is less than that of other smaller or regular-sized Rottweilers.  This is owing to their size, which makes them more susceptible to typical health problems that strike big dogs.

A Roman Rottweiler’s longevity and general health are both impacted by their size. Among the many health conditions affecting this breed are


Roman Rottweilers are prone to binge eating and rapidly gaining weight.  They typically devour a lot of food because of their big size.  Your dog will gradually gain weight if you don’t walk it or give it exercise.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip arthritis and discomfort brought on by this condition make the joint immobilized.  It results from the pelvic socket and thighbone’s head not developing simultaneously.  Your dog may have trouble walking since one of them tends to grow more quickly than the other.

Have your dog maintain a healthy body weight and engage in regular activity to avoid this issue.

Osteochondritis Dissecans

Roman Rottweilers are affected by this widespread health problem.  When a joint separates from the bone because the bone has little to no blood flow, it is said to have a bone disease.

In addition to the elbow, hip, and knee, the shoulder bone is frequently affected by this.


This illness affects the dog’s eyes, causing the eyelids to roll inward and impairing its vision.

ACL Tear

This illness affects the joints, impairing movement by causing them to dislocate at the joint.

Taking Care Of The Largest Rottweiler In The World

You must take good care of your dog if you want to keep it fit and healthy. Let’s see the type of attention the Roman Rottweiler requires.


  • Roman Rottweilers need to burn a lot of calories, thus they need to exercise frequently every day.
  • Because they are intelligent people by nature, this type naturally enjoys movement.  Running and exercising makes them happy since it sharpens their minds.
  • Your Rottie will grow healthy and happy if you give it moderate physical exercise for 30 to 40 minutes each day, whether it be a stroll or a run. Use the fetch game to intellectually challenge it, preferably in the afternoons.

Right Diet for Rottweilers 

  • Proteins, multivitamins, and other crucial nutrients needed for this breed’s health are part of a healthy diet.
  • To avoid overfeeding your Rottie with a poor diet, make sure the snacks you offer it are nutritious and healthy.
  • This breed gains weight quickly, therefore it’s crucial to provide them the right food at the right times.

Where In The World Can You Find The Biggest Rottweilers?

The largest Rottweilers in the world are German ones, which are marginally bigger than American ones.  Compared to their American colleagues, they have wider heads.

The American Rottweiler has somewhat longer legs than the German counterparts despite being slightly taller.  The largest Rotties are found in both of these nations as a whole.


To guarantee that your furry pet has a long, healthy life and is less prone to health issues, it is crucial to take good care of them.  You two will enjoy each other’s company as you go on numerous leisurely walks and other outings.

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