Russian rottweilers vs German rottweilers : which makes a better a pet?

The Russian Rottie and the German Rottie are both part of the same breed, but they have distinct characteristics based on their lineage and country of origin. Let’s delve into the differences between these two fascinating variations:

Russian (Serbian) Rottweiler : Can it be domesticated ?

1.Residence: The Serbian Rottie, often known as the Russian Rottie, is from Serbia. Its name represents its rich heritage in the land where it was born and raised.

2.Breeding Standards: Unlike German and American Rottweilers, Serbian Rottiess do not follow strict breeding standards. They are bred indiscriminately and do not fulfill the rigorous criteria established by the other two lines of breeding.

3.Maximum Weight:Male Serbian Rotties can weigh approximately 60 kg, which is significantly heavier than the American variety.

4.Facial Structure:The Serbian Rottie has a more menacing aspect than the German or American Rottie, indicating its disposition.

5. Temperament:Because of the lack of restricted limits or standards, Serbian Rotties are more aggressive than their counterparts. Maintaining a calm and friendly attitude takes particular care and training.

German Rottweiler are they calm ?


The German Rottie is, as the name suggests, born and bred in Germany.

2.Breeding Standards:

German Rotties are raised to particular breeding standards, ensuring consistency and quality.


 They normally weigh 110 to 132 kg and are about the same height as an American Rottweiler.

4.Facial Structure:

Their appearance is robust and well-balanced. 


German Rotties are noted for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective tendencies.

Which one makes a better pet?

Russian Rottweiler vs German Rottweiler

Both the Russian Rottie and the German Rottie can make wonderful pets, but their suitability depends on various factors. Let’s explore the differences to help you decide:

1. Temperament:

 German Rottweil are noted for their devotion, intelligence, and protective qualities. They are usually peaceful, confident, and get along well with families.

 Russian Rottweilers (Serbian Rottweilers) may be more aggressive due to a lack of strict breeding standards. They need customized care and training to retain their friendly personality.

2. Training and Socialization:

Both breeds require continuous training and early socialization. The German Rottie generally responds well to training, however the Russian Rottie may require additional attention because to its potential hostility.

3.Exercise Needs:

Rotties, in general, are energetic dogs. Regular exercise is necessary for their physical and mental health. Both breeds benefit from regular walks, fun, and intellectual stimulation.

4.Health Considerations:

German Rotties enjoy higher health due to stricter breeding standards. However, all Rottweilers are susceptible to certain health problems, such as hip dysplasia and heart disease.

5.Size and Space:

Both types are big dogs. Make sure you leave enough space for them to move about comfortably.

6.Family Compatibility:

If you have a family with children, the German Rottie may be more suitable due to its steady behavior.

The Russian Rottie may be appropriate for experienced dog owners who can handle its potential hostility.Remember that each Rottie has a unique temperament, and correct training and care play an important role in defining their behavior. Before deciding on either breed, consider your lifestyle, experience, and level of commitment.

What Makes this breed unique :

German Rottweiler

Serbian Rottweilers and German Rotties differ in breeding standards, physical characteristics, and temperament. Serbian Rottweilers originate from Serbia and have a distinct breed lineage, while German Rottweilers are bred in Germany. Serbian Rottweilers have a larger size, a more robust appearance, and a more aggressive temperament. German Rottweilers are bred to be friendly, calm, and good with children, aligning with their original purpose as herding dogs. Understanding these differences is crucial for a dog’s health and well-being.

In the end, whether it’s a Russian Rottweiler, a German Rottweiler, or another variety, they all belong to the same breed but have distinct characteristics based on their country of origin

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