Long Haired German Rottweiler : Truth or Myth ?

German Rottweiler with long hair

Yes, long-haired German Rottwehttps://rottweilerscare.com/category/blog/ilers exist. They are a distinct breed variant with a longer coat due to a special gene. While the classic Rottweiler has a short-haired coat, the long-haired variation is known and can be encountered, albeit less frequently. These dogs have the same qualities and disposition as the ordinary Rottweiler, but their coat is longer and coarser to the touch.

Rottweiler Coat Colors:

Rottweiler coat colours

Rotties are recognized for their unique coat colors. The American Kennel Club officially recognizes three colors for Rottweilers:

Black and Mahogany: This is the most popular shade, with a black base with mahogany patterning.

Black and Rust: Similar to black and mahogany, but with lighter and less pronounced rust marks.

Black and Tan: This shade has the lightest marks of the three and a cooler undertone.

Aside from the recognized colors, there are two uncommon colors:

Red Rottie : This is the rarest color, as it lacks the usual Rottweiler black saddle pattern.

Blue Rottie : An unusual color variant that may be related with health difficulties.

It’s interesting to note that while red and blue Rotties exist, they’re not typical and could be the product of specific breeding techniques. The approved colors are preferred by people who want to present their Rotties in contests.

Rottweiler Coat Type:

Rottweilers have a double coat made up of two layers: an outer guard coat and a soft undercoat. The outer coat is medium-length, straight, and rests flat against the body. It’s rough and solid, which makes it weather resistant. The undercoat is softer and thicker, providing insulation, particularly during the colder months.

They are generally mild shedders, however they go through a “coat blowing” season in which the undercoat is shed and replaced, which can cause to greater shedding during such times. Regular brushing and maintenance can help manage their shedding and keep their coat healthy. 

What is the definition of a long-haired German Rottweiler?

Defination of a long haired German Rottweiler

The Long-Haired German Rottie is a less common variant of the normal Rottie breed. These dogs’ coats are substantially longer and coarser than the usual short and straight coat of the normal Rottie . Despite their dissimilar look, they share the same characteristics and personalities as their shorter-haired counterparts.

A recessive gene can cause one or two Rotties in a litter to develop long hair. This rarity, combined with breeding limitations imposed by kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club, makes the long-haired Rottweiler exceedingly uncommon.

Their distinctive coat is generally wavy or shaggy, and they have the same black with rust, mahogany, or tan markings as ordinary Rotties. These markings are commonly found around the eyes, cheeks, nose, chest, legs, and under the tail. Despite their rarity, long-haired Rotties are purebred and have the breed’s well-known power and agility.

Is the Long-Haired German Rottweiler a mix breed?

Long haired German Rottweiler

The Long-Haired German Rottie is not a mixed breed. They are purebred Rottweilers with a recessive trait that causes their coat to be very lengthy. Although they are uncommon and do not match the breed requirements established by kennel clubs such as the AKC for show purposes, they are nevertheless purebred Rottweilers. Breeders may offer long-haired Rottie puppies as “pet quality” companions, and they shared the same traits and characterstics as the standard Rottweiler. 

Long-haired German Rottweiler-like dog

Several breeds resemble the Long-Haired German Rottie in appearance. Here are some that may interest you:

Doberman Pinschers: They are friendly and protective, much like Rotties, and are known for their identical black and tan coloration and markings.

Doberman Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher: A tiny breed that resembles a Rottie and has a lively demeanor. 

Beauceron: This breed has the intelligence of a Border Collie and resembles a Rottie.

Long haired German Rottweiler mix

Hovawarts :  with Rottweiler-like colorings and the grace of a Golden Retriever, are frequently utilized as working watchdogs and therapy dogs. 

Manchester Terrier is a playful and energetic breed that is much smaller than a Rottie.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: They have a powerful frame and comparable markings to Rotties.

These breeds are similar to the Long-Haired German Rottie in terms of body form, color patterns, and, in some cases, temperament. However, each breed has distinct features that may suit different family settings or lifestyles. If you’re thinking about getting one of these breeds, you should do your homework and understand their unique demands and characteristics.


In conclusion, the Long-Haired German Rottwehttps://rottweilerscare.com/category/blog/iler is a purebred variety of the regular Rottweiler with a longer, coarser coat caused by a recessive gene. While they are uncommon and do not meet breed criteria for show purposes, they share traits and characteristics with the standard Rottweiler. If you want a dog that looks like the Long-Haired German Rottweiler, consider the Doberman Pinscher, Beauceron, or Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Each breed has distinct characteristics, so it’s critical to examine your lifestyle and interests when selecting a partner. Remember that all dogs, regardless of breed, need a loving and caring home. 

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